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I’ve got even less time tonight than I had last night to write my daily blog (must… not… fail… so….. close now).

I ended up writing a regular sized blog last night anyway – perhaps I’ll get the opportunity to later – but I’ve got something on this evening.

Possibly the most interesting thing about today was bumping into a friend at lunchtime who I’ve not seen for ages. He’s just back from Burning Man festival and a bit of a hang out on the west coast of the USA. Burning Man sounded quite incredible. Like a dream. He met Bill Murry who had a little stall set up to give away Jack Daniels all day. I’m DJing with him in a couple of weeks as well it turns out, so that could be fun. Anyhoo, like the pub quiz answer to the “What is the capital of Russia” question, I must go.

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