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Last night, I had an incredible, well above average, nights sleep. It may be to do with the long and full on day I had – including a trip into London and back (not getting in ’till 10:30) and a fair ol’ chunk of things done besides. Lots of cerebral activity.

It’s funny old stuff is sleep. It’s the time when we heal ourselves, grow and rejuvenate. Given that it goes dark every night in most parts of the world and given that until recently we had no way of seeing during this time it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective, but, I’m wondering if now we’ve got electricity and stuff to do during the dark hours, if we’re sleeping less now than our ancestors did. I wonder if we’ll evolve to need less sleep over the next 20 generations.

I’m a big fan of siestas. I wish we (Brits) lived in a culture where (like Spain) it was socially acceptable and the norm, to go for a nap during the day. I’m quite a big fan of inverted siestas as well – when you wake up in the middle of the night totally energised with an idea. I’ve learned that going with the flow of these inverted siestas is often for the best, as I’ve brain-dumped some killer ideas during an inverted siesta. A camomile tea often gets me back on the sleepy train though when I get bored of being awake at wrong O’Clock in the morning.

The picture I’ve selected though is of our old cat Mel. He slept a lot. Cats must have made a collective lifestyle decision to get a lot of sleep in. Dogs do a lot of sleeping as well, coming to think about it. Perhaps they’ve got the right idea. Leave all the running around and only getting 4 – 8 hours of sleep per night to the monkeys. N’night.

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