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Eirene and our daughters walked across the link bridge between the carpark and Victoria Shopping centre in Harrogate today and snapped a photo of me snapping a photo of them with our camera phones. Click here for the full super size version of the image.

You can see the work progressing on my soon to be new pub in the station car park. A dangerously ‘on my way home’ looking watering hole.

You can also see the blue sky, acting all ‘wouldn’t say boo to a goose’ and innocent, when in fact, it had been a bit of a grumpy old sot up until that point. There’s been a bit of weather. It has been a bit on the wet n windy side. Most of it was ‘in the South’ though, and don’t we know it. I’m not saying the national news is biased towards the South, but.. I’m wondering if ‘the storm’ would have had quite that much coverage if it had been in the North somewhere. Someone tweeted in to Radio 4 this morning to ask them to at least mention the North in a weather bulletin. Someone else said that the borderline over-hype was perhaps an exercise in civil defence. Stand by your beds, don’t panic Mr Mannering.

Having said that, 101mph gusts on the Isle of White (unfortunate, for my friends who are holidaying there at the moment) must have be quite alarming. Hope you’re OK Mr and Mrs B and baby E. Safe journey home!

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