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I’ve had a rather enjoyable few hours since last weekend getting these tunes together. Some brand new chooners that I’ve bought, some brand new chooners off the “5 years of Diynamic Records” album that I got for my birthday and a couple of older bits from my archive, that I’ve dusted off.  I’m probably not going to get chance to play them all tonight because a./ I think I’ve only got a 1 hours set and there’s 80 mins of tunes here and b./ I want to play a bunch of stuff I already have that I think will go really well with these tunes. Quite an eclectic mix – fairly chilled 110 bpm up to the discerning pug faced 126 bpm end of the house arena.

I’m opening with Karl Culley. For anyone that knows his music (and if you don’t, you should) you’ll know it’s folk (brilliant folk). This mixed into house? really? yes, I think it’s going to work and tempo wise, it’s the same (ish) as the acid dub mix of Raz Ohara’s El Zahir. There’s a nice couple of bar loop at the end of the Karl Culley and a fairly minimalist starty bit at the top of El Zahir. I’ve got some other crazy goodness in there as well. Get to ZoSo at just after 10pm, to potentially witness me mess it up right royally. If I do. you’ll have several other DJs who know what they are doing on as well, and it’s free in, and there’s drink promotions and there’s a bar keep with the biggest hair in Harrogate.

Yep (in case you’re wondering) I did hand type this up with an old school typewriter. We haven’t got a printer and typewriters are brilliant. Catch you later, I hope.

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