Voluntary gesture!

Annie Mo (aged 7 months and a bit) did an actual voluntary gesture today – she waved! As I was leaving the house tonight (on my way to part to voluntary gesture), she smiles and gave me a big wave goodbye. I waved back and she did it again! Very sweet. I image that’s going to be her new thing for a while. I think it’s her first voluntary gesture as I’d put eating, tracking moving objectives with her eyes and head position as reflexes but she chose to wave – To ME!

It reminds me of the day when Felix first looked me in the eye and said “Dada”. It brought a tear to my eye, I can tell you. He then turned to the radiator and said Dada, then Quark the Ferengi (we were watching Deep Space Nine on the telly box at the time) and said “Dada” to him, in the same way as well. Still though, he said it to ME first.

Short n sweet blog as I’ve been writing for 6 hours today at work so I could actually do with a typing break. It’s been good though, I love the keyboard as a creative tool. I wanna get one of them old school clickety clack mechanical jobbers, if anyone comes across one, or the ultimate DAS KEYBOARD. Anyhoo..


Distraction free writing mode in word press by the way – why didn’t I discover this earlier? this is lovely. At the touch of a button it gets rid of everything else on the screen apart from the actual words you’re typing and lays them out in a simple, easy to scan and read column. I’ve just discovered this now – I wonder how long I’ve had it and not used it.

I guess I’m not doing very well at that typing break idea. I know – an episode of Breaking Bad should distract me sufficiently.


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