10 years ago

Monday’s eh? They often set out to remove the last vestiges of ones weekend gusto, the erstwhile enthusiasm and creativity generated over the weekend can so easily dissipate, if you’re not careful. I don’t let them though. Oh no. I’ve got a few sneaky weapons up my sleeve for when the Monday blues try to poo poo my moves. I faced the writing of this blog with an expression as blank as the digital canvas I faced. Then I remembered my arsenal. The “writers de-block” list that I add ideas to when I’m full of spark, to provide spark when Monday (the old royster doyster) tries his usual tricks again.

So today’s post is titled “10 years ago”, as inspired from a line in the afore mentioned gusto pre provisioning ideas .doc. I could have taken this a number of ways – eg – to see what the headlines of the day were (these were pretty dull) or (perhaps more appropriately) take the cue from my blog. I didn’t blog on this day – but – from the few days either side of this day 10 years ago..

  • The red line thing preventing trolleys from going beyond the red line at ASDA came into effect.
  • I’d been to a party where dressing in orange was the order of the evening.
  • England had just won the word cup at the ruggers.
  • I seemed to spend a lot of time in gigging and drinking at this time in my life.

I was just days away from attacking my sons with a pair of clippers and giving Jaygo his first ever haircut.



Turned out OK and 10 years on, I can confirm, he’s still about right. No lasting harm done.

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