I have just been to 35,000 feet. I’ve just attended a webinar called SCRUM from 35,000 feet by a chap called Adam Weisbart (and friends). I’ll leave it to someone else to describe what SCRUM is (and what it is not). Watch this video (if you’re interested), and you’ll learn about the concept and the benefits of SCRUM when thinking about complex work.  The webinar was at 7PM our time, 11am PST (San Fran) his. It’s often odd hooking up with people over the other side of the world. They’ve got their morning head on. They’ve got their second coffee zing. I’ve got my day is done head on. It was bright and (probably) warm there where as here, it’s dark and cold. The webinar was pretty good. Some good tips – including one that had passed me by up until this point : Bill Wakes “Invest” principal. Another was to try carrying out a ‘retrospective’ meeting before a project kick off. If you’re into SCRUM, this will make sense. Possibly. If you’ve not heard of it, and you’re involved with teams of people on projects in any way who face complex work items, it’s probably worth checking out.  It’s a way of organising cross functional groups of people putting (from the manifesto) “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”.

Anyhoo – I’m pooped. I’m off to rest-o-rama for a bit.

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