Busy ramp

Starting this morning, I’ve got a very busy few days ahead of me. Work wise, the complexity is ramping up on a few things and a deadline is within sight. I had one of those meetings that I wasn’t looking forward to this morning, but it turned out all right. Tomorrow I’m off to London village where I’m conducting a workshop. I’ve not done that for a while. I like doing that – particularly the kind that I’m doing tomorrow. It’s right up my comfort zone street. Ish.

Tonight, we’re off to an old friends for 1 hour or perhaps 75 minutes (to be confirmed).. Thursday – so far, not quite as hectic – but Friday – that’s a doozie – back to back work, then a shift at Sams then a slot behind the decks.

I often take the time to read through my blogs – but I don’t think I’m going to get the luxury over the next few days. Still – I’d rather be busy than having nowt to do. Life hack skills to full effect to keep track of everything. ttfn.

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