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I’ve been in London today for an eCommerce conference with work. Fascinating and insightful. Pretty pooped now – just got home and need sleep (its been a full on 16 hour day so far) but I want to brain dump a few salient points before snoozeville…

A lot of focus on CXM (customer experience management) and the age of smart computing (we are connected to the internet A LOT) and behavioural merchandising. Some fairly startling experiments from some of the big US players. A few predictions using Moors law and the inflection point theory. And some Train stations in Japan now have photos of supermarket isles down them, inviting people to scan the products they want on their phone to be delivered to their homes. A bunch of omnicommerce. One brand, many touch points, joined up thinking. A load of stuff on personalisation whilst we let the machines talk to the machines talk to the machines.

My fave soundbyte though was the following g quote from Leonardo Devinci;

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Nice one Leo.

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