Fireworks on The Stray

We’ve just been to see the fireworks on The Stray, Harrogate. Once again, a spectacular display. We watched from over the road in front Christchurch. This was a great vantage point without the stress of the huge crowd over the road to loose the kids in. I took my Pentax Optio WG-II out with me – as it was raining (it’s waterproof) and it has a ‘Fireworks Mode’ that I wanted to try out. Quite like the results – nothing special – but potential to do stuff with in the future.

Fireworks on The Stray

Quite a busy day – lots of shopping (food) and I was at Samaritans Training this morning. Speaking of The Samaritans, it’s The Samaritans 60th birthday today. It’s come on a long way (from what I hear). I’m now half way through my SIT1 training and it’s going well (I think). Learning loads and really starting to understand ‘the way of things’ with regards to the way Sams operate. It seems a really well designed course.

Last night I went to a gig in Knaresborough – a band and two solo dudes. One fella all the way from Denmark. Tripped out effects and noises. Great set up – it was at The Orb in Knaresborough, a community arts project. So much effort had gone in to the gig. Sell out show – all tickets – SOLD (in fact, we got the last two). After that we all piled back to Harrogate and I got to DJ the official after party. This was fun. A totally mashed up set – the music policy suggested was ‘weird stuff’. What a brief! An epic three hour set covering so many styles and tempos, genres and eras. Much fun.

Anyhoo – we got a thorough soaking on the way to see the fireworks tonight – and I’ve just come in and plonked myself down behind a laptop – with a beautiful liqueur that I got for my birthday (thanks Stu B!) – it’s hitting the spot and doing the job of warming me up quite nicely.

The rest of the night is pretty much putting the kids to bed then watching Breaking Bad. Addictive viewing.

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  1. Andy B
    Andy B at |

    Thank you for coming to the gig, Matt.

    Your DJ set rounded of the night perfectly.


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