Harrogate Christmas Market : Aborted mission


We attempted the Christmas Market at the bottom of Montpelier Hill (Just opposite the Slug and Lettuce) today. A mix of stalls and food concessions were the main stay with a smattering of small fairground rides at the Cold Bath Road end. I’d like to report back with a glowing review, but we beat a hasty retreat shortly after arrival. We, like hundreds of other people all had the same though at the same time : “ooh, it’s sunny – lets go for a stroll down the Christmas Market and see what’s what”. There’s a few other things on in town today as well – adding to the footfall no doubt.

We did get some reasonable Chilli Dogs and burgers though and found an eye of the storm for a few minutes to eat them. We did want to try some of the exotic meats from the exotic burger stall, but it turns out, he’d sold of the exotics that we asked for but his Zebra, Ostrich and the like, did sound enticing. Taking the dog wasn’t the best idea. Smell heaven. Elsie (a dog) has really good manners but if food is on the dog shelf, it’s pretty much fair game. Even if that means trying to drag who ever is holding her towards it. Not so brilliant when you’re in a knot of people.

Didn’t really get chance to look at the stalls much – but pseudo hippy nick knacks, ethnic crafty bits and bobs, probably scented candles and organic sandals features somewhere.

After that we came home – I’ve just cooked an obscenely bad for you macaroni cheese with roast tomato and charred broccoli. Felix (the cheese hater) is away so the rest of us got a chance to eat a very cheesy meal. Nice.

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