Stag do in Dentdale

Last night I went to a stag do at a big ol’ country pile of a place deep up in’t dales. A mansion (owing to its two staircases) in fact. Heading up past Skipton, up the Kendal road then off the beaten track then off the less beaten track onto an even less beaten track. A spectacular sunset accompanied me as I pootled up the Ribble Valley, where I got to see the impressive and iconic Ribble Viaduct. The scree slopes hummed with a deep pinky orange glow given off by the last rays of the day.

After the final decremental beaten track, which took me through a Hobbiton style ancient woodland pass, I arrived. At the big house.

I only knew the stag – I was a tad apprehensive about being the new boy – but I soon slotted in and before long found myself playing pool with an architect who’s thumb can bend the same 90° angle thing that mine can. We discovered a shared love of photography and a commonality in the number of girl childs we have co founded. Others characters at the party included a physicist , a research salesman, a coder and a dog trainer. 17 in total, a huge fridge full of booze, a massive pan of chilli and a sound system with a set of decks. A great number of quality gents. All seemed to have an interesting story to tell and all seemed to have a heart of gold. Several natural hangouts established themselves – the main room (where the decks were) , the games room (pool, table football,  ping pong and darts) and the kitchen (where the booze was).

I turned in at a fairly sensible hour in the top bunk at the very back top corner of the house. This was a nice spot. The collective crinkling of Rennie tablet packets throughout the night made me chuckle. Its not just me then that gets killer heartburn after a night on the sauce then.

Ripper headache first thing. Thankfully one of my roomies had some headache tablets and he went on to establish himself as a top draw roomie – he brought us all tea and crumpets in bed.

Glad I bailed early – I was gone by 10 – before the party started again – the stag and a few others planned on hanging out till tomorrow. Got home and the main event of my Sunday has been the creation of a Peanut Butter Curry which we’ve all just got on the outside of. Just what was needed after a night of off the grid partying. Big beats.

Busy week lined up at work. My wingman was the stag himself and he had the foresight to book the time off for recovery.

Kids to bed then bath and Breaking Bad are next up for us.

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