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I’ve had (yet another) Amazon Kindle die on me. I think it’s the third that’s died on me. Others – I’ve cracked the screens – once from Jaygo sitting on it, the other time – mysteriously. I’ve been on to Amazon about it – they’ve tried trouble shooting it (reset procedure) and suggested trying a new cable and wall based adapter as the power source. All these things I’ve tried. It’s dead. (I’ll probably keep trying in the vain hope that it bursts into life though). Since getting my kindle about 3 years ago,  It’s been everywhere with me. I’ve read hundreds of things on it. It’s without doubt, my favourite way of consuming the written word.

At one point, the screen went totally black for a few days.. then back to white. It’s teasing me. It’s tormenting me.

Amazon have offered me some refurbished models at a discounted price – but not the model I’m after – the keyboard version (as pictured) as they don’t stock this anymore. I think I’ll grab one from CEX or something though (that way I’ll get a warranty I think).

It’s been a great companion. I like to have a bit of a read to help switch my brain off at sleepy time. I might have to go to the actual library and get a book that I’ve been reading on my kindle so I can finish it off – “English Passengers” (it’s very good – nearly finished).

Anyway – If you’re reading this because you’ve googled Kindle White Screen Of Death and you’re looking for a fix – sorry – I haven’t got one. I’ll update this post though if I think of anything (or please do put a comment on here if you do for other readers reference).

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  1. Henry
    Henry at |

    I say on a paperback book the other day. It didn’t crack and it didn’t go blank. Amazing innovation!

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