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Dull blog alert. Only the die ‘ard dragondrop readers will make it to the end. You have been warned.

The normal days are drawing to a close on this (365) blog project. By that, I mean, the days that have no significance on their own, are dwindling. This one for instance, is NOT the last Tuesday I’ll work before I break up for Christmas (next Tuesday is). After this Thursday, I’ll pretty much always have something unique to discuss about the day itself if I choose – It’ll be Friday the 13th, then the run up to Christmas. I’ll have something unique about each day after Thursday, right up to the end of this project, on December the 31st. Today though, is a classic mundane day. 

There’s been a number of days when I’ve thought – nothing about today stands out for me to write about – and I’ve typically gone away and dug something up (from my writers de block list that I’ve warbled on about several times). Today though, I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to bask in the warmth of knowing that I’ve nearly cracked it.

I have to confess, there has been times when I’ve not enjoyed the fact that I’ve had to blog every day – some days have been really hard. It’s often been those days though, when I’ve pulled something out of the bag that I’ve been really pleased with. I’m starting the process of gathering my thoughts into a collective ‘what has this taught me’ type thing. What could I share about this with other bloggers (or writers), perhaps?  I’m not sure what I’ll do with that though. Write a blog on it? (probably). Do a talk on it? (possibly – looking around for suitable gigs).

For now though – I’m going to sign off, on this. If you have read this, well done. have a lollipop.

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  1. Ben Skinner
    Ben Skinner at |

    you have done extremely well, and quite astoundingly i have enjoyed all of them!!

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