A curious thing that I went and had a look at

Whilst researching a geocache this morning, I spotted a strange looking thing on a Google satellite view – near Stonefall Park / Stonefall Cemetery. The thing that caught my eye was a concentric circle pattern that looked like rippling water…

2013-12-29_17h57_02 (Here’s a link to the Google map page)

After Elsie (a dog) and I had successfully completed our geocache jaunt, we headed out to try and find ‘the thing’ (bench title given, as we didn’t know what it was at the time). We peaked a glimpse of it through the trees but had to walk around to the entrance of the Cemetery to gain access. I had to tie Elsie up at the cemetery gate post as it said “NO DOGS” (much to her chagrin).

I followed signs for the ‘New Memorial Gardens’ (which bugs me as a naming convention, as it’ll still be called ‘New’ in a few hundred years, in theory). A peaceful morning, a bit of sun, a very quiet cemetery. As I rounded the corner, I got the full view of the ‘WATERDROP’ sculpture and Rippling Water, as it was so signposted. I couldn’t find any further information on site, or subsequently on the intertubes about the artist, but I’d say it’s bronze and about 8 feet tall. Here’s a couple of snaps I shot of it..



I liked the surrounding landscaped effect – even if it was a bit waterlogged. This added to the effect really. A nice spot. There’s an interesting view of it on Bing birds eye as well.

Maps are brilliant. Especially the superbly feature rich digital ones we have today. I particularly like that BING have 1:25000 Ordinance Survey maps built in these days. Probably the only best good thing about BING maps. I do love scouring maps and looking out for oddities though.  There are countless websites dedicated to such things. One of my favourite personal accidental finds was discovering how Earth, Texas looks from the air. Check it out.

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