Christmas Concert and nappy sack horror

We’ve just got in from watching Felix in concert. He was playing percussion and keyboard with the Harrogate Youth Percussion Ensemble (HYPE)


He was good. They were good. They played a version of Clocks that Felix arranged himself. We were a woopin’ and a hollerin’ (well Eirene was).

Some other bands played some great stuff – all wind & percussion. The real stand out band though of a really high standard was the ‘Area Band’ – all around the 16 year young mark. Excellent stuff. The tuba player had just jetted back into town after an afternoon gig in Manchester with the Hallé Orchestra non the less.

We got the kids home at half time (school night) and came home to find the dog (disgusting creature) had ripper her way through two bins and teared open a number of nappy sacks. She immediately looked guilty and skulked away. I think she was well jell that we were all going out and she was left at home in charge of guarding for crocodiles (her main occupation, she’s very good at it. Zero crocodiles sighted for ages now.). I’ve just spent a fair while clearing up poo and scrubbing floors. A small price to pay for the level of crocodile security we get around here mind.

Right, a night of Breaking Bad and reading follows.

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