Christmas day

A brilliant Christmas day was had by us. It’s now 23:30 so I’ve not got much time (or energy) to write a blog.. but just to say, today was a lovely, LOVELY Christmas day. Aside from the relatives and friends that we were so blessed to spend the time with, we hit the sweet spot of Christmas cheer and it lasted all day.  Yummy food (even though I do say so myself, having cooked it) , a funny film (Despicable Me 2) and a dog walk and a talk with an old friend. We all exchanges some lovely gifts.

Below – photos of the first few seconds of Christmas in our front room this morning – around 08:00 (didn’t we do well).    The Queen’s speech was worth watching. She’s a remarkable woman.

Annie Mo’s first Christmas. She got the hang of it very quicky. Right – I’m going to sign off. Thanks for reading. If you’re reading this, it means you’re a proper follower, and you probably haven’t clicked a link on facebook or twitter (because I haven’t shared this post.) If you have arrived here pro-actively, then thank you. Extra thank you if you’re a regular reader and you’ve stuck with me through this 365. Believe me – today was one of those days when I really didn’t want to log n blog. Done it now though! This blog took 27 minutes to do (not including photo time).

xmas 13xmas 13

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    xxxx <3 xxxx

  2. Andy
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    We’ll, it is Boxing Day here but stoked to hear you had a brilliant day.

    Merry Christmas!

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