At B & C’s party last Saturday evening, I snapped some excellent horse face photographs, including this one…


Hosf’sography is one of the most fun things you can do with a digital camera and a flash at a house party.  The technique for getting good results is quite simple.

Being, as I must be by now, one of the worlds leading experts on Horse face photography, I feel I must pass on the art and technique, in the form of this simple guide..

How to take a good horse face photograph

  1. Pick the right time of the evening. Make sure everyone is merry and have lowered their guard, but not totally ripped to the tips.
  2. Set your camera to sports mode if there is one and make sure the flash is on (NB – it has to be a camera with a proper flash – not an iPhone with a ‘built in flash’ (this doesn’t freeze the action properly. You ideally need a proper flash)
  3. Take a test photo to ensure your camera is good to go, at the touch of a button.
  4. Ask for a volunteer to help out with a super cool photo project.
  5. Ask them, on the count of three, to make a noise like a horse. Not the neigh sound, the other one.
  6. Once they’ve started, let them relax into it for half a second to a second, then snap. Quick check, ask them to do it again a couple of times until you’ve got the desired result.
  7. Show the by now interested parties standing nearby.
  8. repeat until bored.

Further examples of my adventures into horse face photography, can be found here.

There’s a group on flickr – check it out! 


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