(Last night’s) FIRE party photos

Tip top night. It got to about 21:30 and there was no one in the house. Why am I doing this, thought I – it was empty. My wingman had pulled out at the last minute for personal reasons (he turned up later though) which made me happy. By 21:35, it was busy. It was as if someone had dropped a bus full of fun off. I was very happy with my set – and thanks to Andy for filling in the slot before me after a last minute re shuffle. Johnny Kendal’s set was groove ridden bounce driven lovelyness. Christopher Xtopher (…Ex-toff-err) played some delicious, uniting gansta house type stuff. Big fat simple basslines. Gooooood. Archeo Banquarta went off the hook with a crunched out, bugged out 90s rave set – not everyone’s cup of tea but the house was bouncing. We all came back to mine after the gig. We partied in our banqueting hall ’till dawn. Top night, top tunes, top venue. Like. Loads of people who’ve moved away – possibly a third of the population of last night’s FIRE are London dwellers. Honoured that they all picked FIRE as the re union party.

I took a bunch of photos..  Laars





Click here for the full set (55 photos)

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  1. Andy B
    Andy B at |

    Matt, these are fantastic images. What do you use for your image editing to get the colour so vibrant?

    ….. or is it a state secret?

  2. Archio Banquerta
    Archio Banquerta at |

    🙂 to interest me is of commentary for “not everyone’s cup of tea” because I am knowing how english are in love of “a good cuppa tea” haha!
    But serioso, I taken criticise with deep emotion, but know all well too the english old phrase “you can make cups of tea for some of the people all of the time, and for all of the people some of the time, but you can’t make cups of tea for all of the people all of the time, in the hand, without making a few omlettes”.
    I am to think this is very true and for sure I am sorry Jonny Penzance do not like my mentality, but I am also happy for many remarks I gotten for saying beautiful mentality of party and technology, and for the many people’s who are saying they love my hardness, for I love to gift my hardness to them all.
    For ever and for sure FIRE is of my favoured party for playing and love to even everyones like or not!
    Maximal pleasure to my friends Matt Congo’s, Alain Smyle an all of FIRE collection, the Mrs De Conga bring smile to my soul everytime with all the beauty of harrogatespatown people?

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