Monday morning

I’m working with a team in a different timezone at the moment. They are two hours ahead and so it made sense to me at the time, when I suggested last Friday that I start at 07:00 so that we could start the day / meeting (Scrum kick off over VC) 09:00 their time.

It wasn’t that bad though. Pretty much any morning is possible if you factor in a good cup of tea (which of course, I did). Took my lunch at 11 and finished the day at 4 ish. Now I’m feeling decidedly 10pm.

Just had a lovely tea though followed by the reading of a chapter of a book with Sophie.  I think I’m going to read myself for a bit now I’ve started on this years Man Booker Prize Winner : The Luminaries. Very good so far, it’s got some subtle understated brilliance going on.

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