Morning Timelapse

A rather stunning sky accompanied me on my walk into work this morning – yes THIS morning. Due to a very long and quite dull story involving a bunch of my colleagues in Bulgaria, I elected to work today in Lieu of a day off elsewhere.

Sun rise this morning

I really enjoy working in an empty office. Thought space. I had a busy day though – quite a lot to line up and sort out, and a Video Conference (with my afor mentioned Bulgarian colleagues) took up most of the afternoon.

I did get time to tinker with my camera before I got cracking though. I snapped this at around 08:30 this morning.. Check out the power stations in the background.. I think it’s Ferrybridge – about 30 miles away.

Sun rise this morning

After I snapped this, I set my WG-II camera on a tripod and set off a time lapse. Here’s the result.. I’m quite please with it.


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