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I’ve updated my residual self image in the internets. I’ve updated LinkedIn, Skype and Twitter (prolly got a couple more networks to go, but..) this evening, I updated Facebook with it as my profile pic. I quite like it (that’s why). I shot it on August the 9th this year, it’s called “Selfie with dog”. I shot it on Kodak Ektar 100 negative film using a Lomo LC-A. It was shot in the middle of Harrogate, outside (ish) the theatre. I think I’ve only ever worn that shirt out, once. It’s silk, you know.

This is the first time I’ve ever written a blog post (on DragonDrop) whilst sat at my ‘new’ work. I say new – I’ve got my 3 month review tomorrow (time flies when you having fun). First time I’ve written a post here because I’m either heavily engrossed in work or on my way home. Tonight though, I’ve been grafting late – so thought I’d do my daily blog here, then go off the grid for the rest of the evening.

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