Round Hill Round Rainbow

After a day of oversized portions and undersized exercise yesterday,  I woke up this morning, feeling like I wanted to go on a burst of adventure. I scoured the maps and found a suitable looking geocache as a target, just above Blubberhouses.

I arrived at the place I’d picked to park just before sunrise – around 08:00. It was minus 2 but I was togged up in suitable gear. A very odd phenomenon occurred. I was right on the ceiling of a bank of mist – I’d walked up thorough it and at the summit, I had blue sky above me and I could see the tops of the surrounding hills – bit the weirdest thing – I had a sort of shadow halo thing following me. I tried to capture it on video but it doesn’t really do it justice…

‘scuse the clicking noise – that was me trying to fiddle with the zoom whilst filming..

The walk was beautiful – the oddest sun rise I’ve experienced in ages. We (Eslie dog and I) found the geocache and headed back home. Here’s a few snaps..


A wall

Morning dog


Here’s a link to a bunch more photos I took this morning..

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  1. Mrs_Moons
    Mrs_Moons at |

    That’s incredible and beautiful! I had a solo adventure this morning too (with Lola) but not quite as photogenic as yours….x

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