Sticky beak


I like the phrase sticky beak. I first heard it in Nimbin, Australia. It roughly means child with food or snot on face. The other phrase that I heard there was ‘slippery dip’ meaning slide – as in a slide at a kids playground.

Annie is feeding herself quite happily these days. A fair portion of it goes on the floor (Elsie dog loves Annie at the moment). She’s a sticky beak several times a day.

I’m starting to feel a strange sense of ending with regards to my daily blog. It’s not really ending – I’ll still no doubt carry on blogging – but the end of the ‘forced’ every day thing is closing in. I’ve been asked this same questions a few times; “do you think the daily blog has spurred you on to do more stuff this year, so you’ve got something to write about?” I’d say the answer is yes – and I see this as a good thing. The ‘Adventure’ part of DragonDrop Adventures is what it’s all about. I like that word and what it means.

Going to chill some more tonight. We had planned to go to ColdStone Cut last night as they were doing a special thing with lights – but knocked it on the head. Tooooo much going on (I was volunteering as well last night for a couple of hours). So very much looking forward to a break – some extra hours in my day to spend on chilling and reading and relaxing please.

No doubt though, we’ll fill them and it’ll fly by and before I know it, it’ll be 2014. I wonder what I’m going to do with DragonDrop? I’d thought of the idea of doing some longform – essay type things. I may still do that. Research something in depth and write about it at length. I’ve done that a few times on my 365 but some of them have suffered, owing to a midnight deadline. It’ll be an interesting thing to have a think about. Right.. b’bye.

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