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A high propencity of the keep left signs in my ‘hood have developed a personality or two, overnight. I’m going to chalk it up as Art. Others, I dare say would call it vandalism. I particularly like the way that it feels like these bollards were purpose built blank canvasses for these faces.

Beautification of the mundane is in the eye of the beholder. The fact that some people will be grumbling about what’s happened here at ‘face’ value makes it even more art like. To differentiate; I’m not a fan of mindless scrawling, I’m not really a fan of political graffiti, I’m certainly not a fan of the thingy loves thingy 4EVA, or worse still, the call 07*** for a *** type crap,  but this form of mark – I like. Going by the fact that one of them has started to run with a bit of rain by the look of things, I’d guess the medium used, was non permanant (time will tell). If so – even more bravo, as transience adds to the mystique, the aloofness, the non permanence – all gives it even more artistic kudos.

Bot Joy!


All day these things have been reminding me of something – Gary Hirsch’s Bot Joy project. He painted a lot of these. He talks about them and collaboration in a hyper-watchable TEDX talk he did called “Meet Your Monster”. Enjoy;

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  1. awbackhouse
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    I too am a fan of this artist (whoever they are).

    It is almost an anti-thesis of the Beautify America campaign in the hippy era, when loads of conservatives lashed out against counter culture. With the scrawlings on these bollards it is actually Beautifying an everyday object but with counter culture. I believe the aesthetic value of a piece of artwork (and, yes it is art – I agree there) is a subjective response, but I am a fan of this type of Urban Beautification.

    Well spotted and well blogged!

  2. tomholteib
    tomholteib at |

    If you like this sort of stuff then check out Oak Oak and Slinkachu.

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