(worky) Year End

Even thought I’ve still got a few days to go, today was the last ‘normal’ day of work for me in ’till after the Christmas break. Everyone starts to disappear from now on. It’ll be a time for mainly odd jobbery – hopefully some of those bits that get pushed to the bottom of the list O’Clock. There’s an air of conclusion and closure, a pause and take stock surrounding my worky life. It feels like a fair chunk of good has been achieved – certainly from my perspective, a whole heap of learning has secured it’s place, under my belt.

One of m’colleagues is off to Lapland to see the big man in the red suit tomorrow, another is off to Amsterdam. I’ve just exchanged virtual Christmas cheer over emails with other colleagues and clients and it’s all feeling like we’ve got got to a good place. We get to park 2013. Start 2014.

Other significant happenings today – the new pub next to the train station “Harrogate Tap” has opened. This is ridiculously close to my office. Probably less than 100 steps from my actual desk. Best work mate T-Dog and I popped in for a quick Jean Michel at close of business today and likes what we saw. Liked what we drank, even more. Dangerously close. We’ve got 3 main meeting rooms in the office,  and Harrogate Tap has already adopted the nickname “meeting room 4”.

Straight after work, I got in and quick marched my boys down to Scouts – down the railway lines in the crispy moonlit sodium free dark. No streetlights, no traffic noise, no people. Beautiful solitude for about 3/4 of a mile and back. Lovely. It’s chased the tail end of my cold away I think.

Right – I’m off. Sharpish.

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