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Jungle cooking

I have been thinking a lot about will power today. One definition is it directly corresponds to how much discomfort you are willing to to put up with in order to achieve a goal. I am not willing to put up with much when it comes to chocolatey, biscuity goodness. Recognising this fault in my make up has led to… Read more →

So many diets to choose from

I have been researching different diets to immerse myself in post new year. The great thing about January, is lots of other people have the same idea and magazines know that, so feature fantastic recipes that otherwise would be renegaded to faddy expensive  recipe books. Over the years I have tried different approaches to dieting. I have the breaking power… Read more →

Christmas is brilliant because…

Apart from all the religious shenanigans Christmas is great because… You can sit in bed eating biscuits and drinking tea and know that there are still three other boxes to finish before January detox begins. The house is so relaxed with no one needing to be anywhere or do anything. You get used to seeing the children dressed as various… Read more →

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas beautiful people. I hope you are all fat, full, happy and relaxed. I am writing this on my phone with it’s new gorilla cover on. My phone is now virtually indestructible and might even be Annie-Mo proof. It’s also massive and yellow and not only will it be harder for me to loose but I feel safer knowing… Read more →

Christmas at Mates

Christmas at Mates

Today we went to Fi’s for an early Christmas. We ate baked camenbert drank fizz and opened pressies. It was absolutely lovely as were the people, Rachel,Dino,Owen,Isaac,Fi,Daddy John,Finlay,Alfie,Mark,Matt,Felix,Jay,Sophie-Pi,Annie-Mo and Kathryn. Thank you for all the fab gifts especially Mr Alfie my gorgeous Godson who bought me such a beautiful scarf and an amazing smelling candle.

Wednesday already

Wednesday already

Bampa and Denise came for tea tonight. We ate yummy chicken pie and drank rose lemonade. Jay had  decorated Swiss rolls in food tech class at school which we all enjoyed for desert. Even Elsie was roused out of her, ‘I have a flower pot on my head misery’ and gave a little tail wag. Afterwards we chatted, drank tea… Read more →

Operation Elsie

Matt is a little subdued this evening as Elsie is going to be spayed at the vets tomorrow. She is a very nice dog and I am sure she will be fine but Matt is still worried. Elsie isn’t bothered, however I am sure she won’t be impressed with having to wear a flower pot on her neck until her… Read more →

Wear a Christmas jumper day

Wear a Christmas jumper day

Today was wear a Christmas jumper day. Sophie didn’t have one so we made her one by sewing battery operated fairy lights onto her cardigan. Sophie kept the battery pack in a little bag which also housed her inhaler. She was so pleased with her sparkley fairy cardigan I think she would have slept in it if she could have.