Aren’t kids brilliant

I have been sat on the sofa in the front room roaring with laughter whilst Felix regaled me with funny stories from his sleep over last night. I feel so lucky that he likes to chat with me and that we can share a laugh together. It’s such a lovely feeling being able to laugh with your children. Its also great fun to laugh at your children as they do say the funniest things.

For example. Sophie and I are reading ‘Malory Towers’ an Enid Blyton tale of a girls boarding school. She loves it and often reads on past the chapter we stop at. Sophie’s reading is very good but I don’t think she correctly reads every word, but then you often don’t have to know every word to understand the story. Tonight Jay sat in on the story and Sophie kindly brought him up to speed on what had happened previously. The current chapter was called ‘A blue day for Gwen’. Sophie explained Gwen was rich but not a nice girl and didn’t try hard at her lessons because after Malory Towers she was going to Switzerland to a fishing school. I nearly choked on my cup of tea. Absolutely brilliant.

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