Belinda’s 50th birthday

What do you do to celebrate your 50th birthday? Have a quiet meal, something sedate. Nothing too noisy. Or you could have a fancy dress party the code being pop stars from the past 50 years and then go paint balling. Guess which one our friend Belinda chose.

 I donned some heavy eyeliner, back combed hair and lots of hair spray to be Amy Winehouse. Not everyone at the party realised it was fancy dress. There were a few surprised comments on my new look. Tinanana the host got even more remarks but then she was rocking a Tina Turner. Matt made a wonderful Johnny Cash when he joined us after his shift at Samaritans had finished and of course the birthday girl herself looked fantastic in sparkley silver leggings, massive platform boots and an original self embroidered denim jacket.

We ate chilli, drank snowballs, wore silly wigs and listened to the best sounds from the past 50years.


I wasn’t going to go paint balling. My excuse was looking after baby Annie. Plus I had already been and ticked that muddy painful box. My best laid relaxing Sunday plans were foiled though when Matt kindly offered to look after the girls.

 A great time was had by all at Paintball Yorkshire. We played 6 games in teams of children vs adults. There were a few hairy monents such as when we got trapped in the helicopter with the enemy advancing and Belinda shooting her own finger whilst she tried to put her safety sock on her gun. Lots of fun was had and even the rain held off till after the games.


Then it was back to Dragondrop central to see Matt and the girls, get warm and drink cups of tea. The children start back to school next week. What a brilliant conclusion to a fantastic Christmas holidays.

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