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It’ s a busy day today, everyone is here there and everywhere. That’s the way it goes at Dragondrop. We can have a weekend of relaxing and chilling out at home then the next few weekends will be jam packed with activities. We like to work hard, play hard and then relax. I’ts actually been a week full of lots of activities. Matt was in London from Tuesday to Thursday night so it meant that along with all the usual things I do, I also had an Elsie to walk and all the children to snuggle up and put to bed. That means from 7 in the morning until ten o’clock at night it is pretty much non stop. When Matt isn’t around it also means that all the little ones need to accompany me when I am dropping off and picking up the older ones. So bed times and nap times go out the window and the house works on emergency time. Some Mama’s work to a schedule like that all the time. They are amazing and I completely take my hat off to them. How they manage to do it all and keep a house so the hygiene inspectors wouldn’t shut it down is a miracle. Friday came and Matt was working and Djing so again I was on child duty and again tonight he is out. In fact he is around so little at the moment even the children have noticed that he isn’t there at tea time much any more. Hopefully it will all settle down again soon.

So today we are all at the dentist, then Pi is going with Brownies to see the Jungle Book at the West Yorkshire Play house in Leeds. I love the Playhouse. It’s a fantastic theatre and such a great treat for her. They get to go on a coach as well so she is so excited she might just pop.

Felix is at a sleep over in Ripon. He is heading off Xbox controller in hand on the No 36 bus after lunch. Matt is out scaling some enormous hill. I think it will be a Mama and Jay afternoon. Maybe snuggle up and watch the new Sherlock homes or Dr Who on I Player and eat popcorn. Sounds lovely.

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    Here’s you wishing yours was at hone more often and me wishing mine would get out of the house more often…get a bloody job man! I can’t support us all on my pathetic income! Happy days…maybe one day x

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