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A lot of today has been spent fixing our kitchen appliances. In this house our washing machine and dishwasher have to work very hard so they also go wrong quite often. I can turn my hand to fixing many of the minor issues which is much better then waiting around for the repair men to arrive. I don’t mind a bit of plumbing, minor washing machine and dishwasher maintenance.


Today’s washing machine issue was caused by our reusable nappies. The problem is sometimes the washing machine eats the fleecey wipes and liners. This causes severe washing machine distress several loads down the line and results in no spin cycle and a locked door with Jaygo’s school trousers captive inside. This in turn causes severe Jaygo distress and makes for a very noisy house. The dishwasher is returning everything covered in a fine coating of baked on detritus. This also resulted in Jaygo distress as he was on kitchen duty this weekend.

Once Annie went down for her nap I got down to unclogging the washing machine and sprinkler arm of the dishwasher. 6 melon seeds later and a chewed up piece of fleece ( I have no idea how they even fitted in there in the first instance) I had a working dishwasher and washing machine, Hurrah.

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    you rock, missus!

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