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Whilst eating a most delicious piece of Welsh rarebit this lunch time I was lost in reverie when Sophie pulled me back to reality by commenting”you have a stringey”. “Pardon”, I spluttered.
“A stringey”, she repeated pointing to the strand of cheese connecting my mouth to the melted rarebit.
“Ahhh”, I said. Then thought, what a great name. I never realised a name was needed by the sometimes volcanically hot cheese occurance  that most pizza and warm cheese lovers have encountered. Now I knew the title and it fitted perfectly
I started thinking about the other strange words our family incorporates into every day life. Matt and I definitely have more since we had children. I don’t know if that is the natural progression  when two people live together so long or if it only happens to those who have children. Most of ours were funny things our children have said that stuck. Do let me know if you have funny words with odd meanings in your home, I would be very interested to hear other peoples.
Here are some of the common ones from Dragondrop.
Zuz – keys
Mushroomy – when your skin goes wrinkley in the bath
Bless you me – for when you sneeze
Houghhee -story
Have a great dane – have a great day
Bampa – granddad
Nom noms -food
Neoummm-hand blender
Home again home again higgledy piggledy – only said when we are returning to Dragondrop central.

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