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    Reading these almost makes me wish mine were all still little and living at home! At least they all strive to fill their adult lives with the same lust for fun, adventure and knowledge that I brought them up on. They too, used to grumble about being ‘dragged’ to this festival or that party with ‘those weird people’, but now they so appreciate the life skills they’ve inadvertently acquired along the way, and I get the ‘thanks for bringing us up so cool mum’ buzz replacing the massive guilt pangs I used to be made to feel! My kids are such beautiful, caring, strong minded, hard working and talented people and if it weren’t for parties and holidays and weirdos….and little me myself and I!
    This year I’m going to try to allow myself to be proud of my SELFie cos the proof is in the 4 awesome puddings I baked in my oven! ❤️

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