Waiting around

I am having a waiting around sort of day. The washing machine is on the blink so I am waiting around in case the washing machine man can come today if not it will be tomorrow. It’s the first week back after the holidays and he is very busy. I don’t mind too much. A day without having to hang out washing is quite a treat. Ill ferry all the clean but unspun clothes to one of my friends tonight and spin them there so they can be hung out to dry overnight and hopefully won’t get smelly. Smelly damp washing is horrid. I think some of the nappy liners have got stuck in the filter. I did try to get the plug out but it’s stuck. I googled how to open the filter. Now I consider myself quite handy around the house and capable of minor repairs but after reading the twelve step program which involved tipping the machine this way and that, unscrewing actual screws and removing wires I put down my pliers and screw driver and thought ”Ill wait”.

I am also waiting for the roof repair man to come and replace some tiles. He too is very busy so it may be tomorrow.

I don’t mind too much, if you are waiting in for one, you may as well make it two or three as I am also awaiting Vic the breast milk donation collector from Cardale hospital. I have a freezer full of milk to donate and I have run out of donation bottles. However he also runs a charity delivering emergency blood around the region and has been called out to bring blood as there is an emergency in Doncaster. He may or may not be with me today but it does look like I will be having a waiting around kind of day tomorrow too.

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