White suit

I am sat outside Jaygo’ s scout hut waiting for him to finish. It’s a cold evening and there has been talk of snow ,but no fluffy white flakes yet.
Most Thursdays I take advantage of the gap between dropping Jay off and collecting him to visit one of my friends. The tradition started when she was getting married. We would use the time to plan and organise the upcoming event. It was such a nice thing to do that we have kept the tradition ever since.
Tonight we were mostly trying to find Jay a white suit. Matt and I are lucky to have been invited to quite a few weddings this year and Jay decided he needed a white suit. Of all my children Jay is the one who I would be the most dubious about furnishing with a white suit. However I also appreciate he has his own style and a definate idea in his head of what he wishes to wear and the look he is hoping to achieve. I think it’s great he is thinking differently when it comes to clothes and if he really want a white suit then so be it. I will also have to remember to put vanish stain remover and super duper washing powder on my shopping
list. That will at least take me part of the way in my preparation for the white suit madness.

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