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Today the children,Sophie’s friend and I met up with the children’s Grandparents for a spot of lunch at Jaygo’s favourite cafe on Leeds road. Even though the children were well behaved,  it was very brave of them to meet us all for lunch.  A trip to the park to burn off some energy was our first mission, then to the cafe early. Everyone already knew what they were having as I had pre- downloaded the menu. This was all part of my cunning plan to avoid the chaos of ‘ what does that say mama, I don’t want to sit there or there or there or…, may I have chips with my baked potato, can I have a milkshake instead of my vegetables? Waaaa (Annie talk for ‘I am hungry’) all happening at the same time when we got to the cafe. Everything worked out brilliantly. We had a wonderful time together and the food was delicious. I can highly recommend the goats cheese and red onion tart with a ginger and chocolate slice for desert. It was very tasty and the sun came out to smile too, making it all just about perfect.


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