Our friends have gone holiday leaving their Dehydrator in our care. I have been experimenting with dehydrating food in the oven but this has inevitably resulted in charred offerings. I am too impatient and just haven’t perfected the technique yet. A Dehydrator takes the guess work out and preserves food with the nutrition and enzymes left relatively intact. The food can be then stored in jars for months. Always ones to spot a food bargain Our friends bought their Dehydrator because the cost of storing their whoopsed items in the freezer was so expensive that it made their bounty not such a bargain any more. On the cheaper hand a Dehydrator costs around 60p to run over night a much more cost effective option.
With dreams of sugar and additive free fruit leather and beef jerky containing no msg Matt decided to have a go at making some. Hopefully by the morning we will have some banana chips and beef jerky ready to consume. Jay is so excited, convinced he will be taking some to school in his pack lunch tomorrow. Ill let you know how it goes.

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