Happy guinea pig

Today Annie and I cleaned out Snowy’s hutch. I love how happy he acts when I have finished. He gets a wonderful little skip in gait as he trundles back to his house to sit in peace and nibble the fresh hay. If I squeak at him he nearly always returns my call. This is much to Annie’s amusement as she is convinced he is some sort of wierd dog we keep in a cage in the kitchen. I know she thinks he is a dog as she does her sign for dog every time she sees Snowy. Luckily Elsie isn’t that interested in eating Snowy, we think it’s because she grew up with him around but perhaps it is a case of not realising he could be food. She did seem a little more interested when our friends beagle, who was in no doubt Snowy was food, spent the whole of his visit barking and trying to get into the hutch. There was some help for our friends two year old who also wanted to access Snowy. The two of them made a great team, one opening the lid of the cage when our backs were turned, the other actively encouraging and both looking innocent when caught with hands/paws inside. Ever since, Elsie has given the guinea pig a little more interest. It’s as if she is thinking,”My friend thought you were food. That’s wrong, or is it? ”
Snowy really is a great guinea pig, full of character and he always brightens up our mornings with his cheery chirps. He also is very fond of vegetable peelings ( not onion or potato ) which means I don’t have to brave to wind and rain to take our compost outside as often.
On another note, the mango and jerky turned out brilliantly. Here is a picture of them.


As you can see there isn’t a lot left of the mango, Sophie did get there first and Jay. I think I am lucky there was any left at all.

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