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I bought some new glasses last week. Yesterday attended my appointment to collect them. Sitting in the chair waiting for my receipt, I gazed at my new glasses in the little hand held mirror. The first glimmer of a doubt entered my mind. Was it me or did they not look quite as great on as they did when I chose them. I brushed the doubt from my mind, of course they look great, I just need to do my hair differently. Gazing in every window on the way home trying to catch a glimpse of my new bespectacled reflection, did nothing to allay my fears. Perhaps I just needed to get used to them a little more, anyway windows do not make accurate mirrors. The children were very enthusiastic. ‘Oh mama you look brilliant’. However my children are often very enthusiastic about things that mean they can go back to Friday free technology as soon as possible. Matt cemented my concerns with his dubious, ‘Well, I think they will just need to grow on me’.


I regarded my new spectacles in the bathroom mirror and came to the conclusion that yes, tons of eye make up, new hair, only wearing a specific colour and keeping my head at a certain angle may indeed make my glasses look better, however that is not a very sustainable plan in normal life. What could I do? 30 years of wearing glasses and I had never encountered this problem. If it was a problem with an item of clothing, you could take it back, but glasses? Surely not. So I gave Specsavers a ring. I apologetically explained the situation. Apparently they have a no quibble returns policy and booked me in next week with their dispenser to help me choose some new glasses. Lesson for the future never go and chooses glasses with only a baby to advise on how cool you look wearing them.  I say cool, obviously I mean sophisticated, sexy, intelligent, fun and twenty five. I hope the dispenser is up to the task.


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