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We bought a new printer today. It sits in the front room by Felix’s favourite sofa. Because it’s wireless you don’t need to be attached to it to print something out. In fact, apparently you don’t even need to be in the same house or even the same country to print (although I do as my phone doesn’t support cloud printing!). If that wasn’t exciting enough, tonight we discovered an additional bonus.
Evening time, after the girls have been put to bed, the boys are often in the front room partaking of technology. Matt and I will retire to another room to chat and read in peace away from Jeremy Clarkson (Jay is into Top Gear at the moment) and whatever crime sci-fi series Felix is racing through. Loath to leave our comfy nest we have been known to Skype them or telephone them to pass on such information as ‘it’s bed time, have you done your guitar practice? Are you in a tea making mood, if so make mine white with two’. As well as any other information we need them to know without moving or shouting and waking the house. Thanks to the joys of wireless printing we can now send them a letter, delivered instantly in hard copy, which is hopefully less easy to ignore. Here’s one Matt wrote earlier. (Note to reader, Jay is on weekend kitchen duty this weekend, something he always tries to wriggle out of, escape from without doing or put one plate in the dishwasher, turn it on and claim he is finished ).

Dear Felix and Jaygo.
Please read all of this before running off. Turn off top gear before you begin reading this.
Jaygo, it is your bed time (no you can’t have top gear as bedtime story).
Felix, Can we have a cup of camomile tea each please? It is in the bottom carousel. A yellow box. Thank you.
Jaygo, have you done the kitchen properly? All the surfaces? The sink and cleared the plug hole? Dishwasher filters cleared? Oven lid down and everything cleared? If not, can you do this quickly then tell Felix when done so he can make cups of tea. Thank you.
Lots of love to you both,
Mama and Dada

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