Rice flour muffins

I have a friend coming over tomorrow who is coeliac so I thought I would bake some rhubarb gluten free muffins. It’s hard to find off the wall recipes using British measurements so armed with my only American measuring device, a half cup, I set out to follow the recipe. Everything seemed to be going well. I made 14 as I thought we could have them as desert and the kids could have them as a treat in their pack lunches as well as to go with coffee tomorrow. Sitting on the table whilst we ate they looked very appealing. Beautiful golden colour with a slight pinkish hue from the rhubarb. Everyone ate all their dinner, they even ate all their celeriac, that’s how good those muffins looked.
Felix was the first to try. With a sad face he admitted they weren’t his favourite. One bite in and Jay put his in the bin. Matt ate all of his but I don’t think he will be going back for seconds. The problem is that rice flour does taste quite ricey. It requires a stronger flavour to counteract it such as cocoa. The rhubarb was just too subtle. The flavour was’t awful just unusual and the question was could the muffins be saved? I had a brain wave and taking my inspiration from lemon drizzle cake I made some rhubarb drizzle using the syrup I had reserved from when I stewed the rhubarb.
Taste test two was more successful. Now I have to wait and see if they pass taste test three…the friend.

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