Matt and I were trawling through the many offerings on Lovefilm and Netflicks trying to decide on what to watch. Nothing seemed to grab us until I spotted in the comedy section ‘Sightseers’ and Matt clicked play. Now I don’t know who categorises these films but I wouldn’t necessarily put Sightseers in the comedy section, well not in the conventional sense. More in the, ‘you are laughing but shouldn’t be’, section.

‘Sightseers’, story of Tina and Chris, two socially inept and short fused individuals who go on a romantic trip around some of the cultural highlights of the UK. Tina’s mum is not impressed with the idea of her only daughter going off caravanning with Chris and does her best to deter them but to no avail. Things start to get surprising at the tram museum and continue from there.

The film is a collaboration between Film4 and Cannal+. I always get a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling when I see a Cannal+ film as it reminds me of my time living in the Netherlands. Film4 is the British equivalent and the combination of the two often leads to good things. ‘Sightseers’, is no exception. In fact I would watch it again just to milk all the jaw dropping moments to their full worth. I also must see if our local woolen shop has the pattern for Tina’s woolen undergarments, just the thing needed to brighten up these Wintery days.

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    Have a watch of Nuts in May on DVD. it’s a 70s comedy about socially inept campers but it’s far less harrowing. Very funny. Bock?

  2. Matt Watson-Power
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