Windy day

It is so windy outside. I looked on a weather map and Harrogate is invisible due to a thick noxious green cloud indicating severe rain and weather. I am so glad I am not outside neither do I have to venture out today. Pi is poorly. I phoned school to let them know she wouldn’t be coming in.
“Ahhh,” came the reply, does she have the cold,sore throat, earache  thing, or the sickness and all that goes with a poorly tummy?
“Cold and earache,” I replied, “thank goodness.”
The other sounds so much messier, I really, really hope that illness doesn’t make an appearance.
Being poorly at Dragondrop is very boring. You have to stay in bed and get better. No technology such as playing on your ds is allowed. Sophie found a novel method of amusing herself. She made paper aeroplanes, fifty eight to be exact.


She made so many that we used them for all sorts of message relaying. Felix and Jay’s chores were delivered by paper aeroplane. My shopping list was written on a paper aeroplane. I am looking forward to sending out some random paper aeroplane letters. Perhaps you might receive one soon.


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