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Thank you

Thank you Felix,Pi and Jay for making the house look so nice downstairs. I didn’t have to worry this morning when I had my meeting that it might be messy. Mornings are so hectic, so to not have cleaning to worry about made my morning much easier. You are all stars. Annie -mo had her year check up. She weighs… Read more →

Happy Mother’s day

Happy Mother’s day all you lovely mamas out there. I hope you have an amazing day filled with love and smiles and snuggles from those who you so freely give your all to xx

Sophie’s turn to choose the meal

Sophie brought home two certificates so she got to choose both main meal and desert this evening. After being gently steered away from home made sushi she eventually settled on homemade pizza and banoffee pie. Everyone in the house has their own pizza style. Felix has no cheese, Jay makes his stuffed crust. Pi tries to emulate Jay and I… Read more →

Our longest comute

This morning we had to get up at 5am in order to get to the airport in time to catch our flight. That, coupled with Annie-Mo’s increasingly frequent night wakenings, have made for a very tired me. Arriving back in the UK to a sunshiney day and a very excited Elsie was lovely. She had been keeping down the crocodile… Read more →

Annie and I today

Annie and I today

Today Annie and I got the chance to sit for a while in the sun and warm our toes. Annie loves being outside and prefers to be without shoes and socks so it was good we were able to take advantage of the fine weather.

Harrogate fire

There was a massive fire in Harrogate town centre today . I first heard about it from Matt when he called to say he was coming home for lunch, and Prezzo, the pizza restaurant, was on fire. Working in an office at the top of the centre’s skyscraper, Matt had a bird’s eye view of action. A slight smell of… Read more →

Happy birthday Annie-Mo

Happy birthday Annie-Mo

Wow a year has passed so quickly. We all love having Annie-Mo in our family. She is such a happy, smiley poppet. Wishing her a wonderful birthday and year from Mama, Dada,Felix, Jaygo, Sophie-Pi, Elsie, Jasper the cat, Snowy, Henry, Molly, Alfie, Charlie, Misty, Jasper fish and the snails.

Coq au vin

Matt made the most delicious dinner tonight, Coq au vin. We drank French wine and enjoyed the company of our lovely French friend and her family. C’est tres Brian ( my predictive text changed bien to Brian which I thought I would keep as it made me giggle. However, it was not as funny as Jay thinking our very French… Read more →