Lemon drizzle muffins

The other day, Felix brought home a recipe for lemon drizzle muffins. He isn’t taking food tech as a gcse, so I queried him as to why he was carrying around random recipes for baked goods. He explained that a girl in his form, who is taking food tech gcse, had been about to throw the recipe sheet in the bin as she no longer needed it. He asked her if he could have it, as the recipe sounded nice, and he thought we could make them at home. Which we did, and they are delicious. I will bring some to the clothes swap tomorrow along with some double chocolate muffins, if they last that long.


Liz, who runs Toy Library, and I set up today in readiness for tomorrow’s event. The room looks great. Liz hung a washing line and pegged up some of the more sparkley items so as to attract people into the room. We have two rails of clothes and several tables with an assortment of tops, trousers and skirts. It’s tricky running an event and making sure Annie has all her needs catered for so little lady is going to my friend’s to play and go on a dog walk. She loves her Aunty Donna and dog Bruce who is Elsie’s best friend. Elsie is going to be very confused, and I am sure will give Annie a thorough snuffle, when she comes home smelling of Bruce.  Annie will love that, much more then she loves the new piggy toy I bought Elsie  last weekend from ‘Pets at home’. It makes Annie cry. If it is on the floor near her she solemnly regards it with suspicion, ready at any moment to howl should it honk at her. Her siblings think this is hilarious and take great delight in honking piggy near her under the guise of ‘just checking to see if it still scares her’. Big meanies.  I worry Annie may never be able to be in the same room as a piggy toy ever again.


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    Any chance you could please pass the recipe to Aunty Neena so she can pass to me please? They sound and look delicious and Lemon Drizzle is my favourite. many thanks in anticipation.

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