As Lent approached, a common topic of conversation between the children has been,’what will you be giving up?’. In the past we have given up, sweets, chocolate ( a different category to sweets) junk food, spending money on non essentials, coffee and cake. It doesn’t matter what is decided upon or how many loop holes are created the resolution is always tested and the fourty days and nights are never without some trying times. It’s hard to go to a child’s birthday party when your child has given up some of the major components of party food. Over the years we have honed our ability to avoid Lent distress in the following ways;
Felix is giving up spending money.. He is ok to spend other peoples money ie Mama’s.
Jay has given up sweets and chocolate.. He will still allow himself chewing gum and also sweets on top of a cake are not allowed but chocolate inside a cake is fine.
Sophie has also given up sweets and chocolate. She has a jar into which she puts all the sweets and chocolate she had the opportunity to eat but didn’t. This jar is lovingly tended. Also any party is approached fully armed with Lent acceptable treats so she doesn’t feel left out.
I am giving up staying in. I am not sure how this will pan out but my first outing is tomorrow evening. I am quite worried. Being such a light weight I get merry after half a shandy and suffer the most atrocious hangovers. I may give up alcohol but that has yet to be decided on (probably on Friday morning)
Matt is giving up nothing.

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