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I have started shopping online using the stores free ‘click and collect’ service. I shop on Sunday afternoon when Annie is asleep and then collect my groceries Monday morning before Pi goes to school. I detest going to the supermarket so online shopping is a good solution for me. However it isn’t trouble free and there does need to be a slight flexibility to meal plans as not everything on the list is available. Often the store will substitute one unavailable item for another and when you receive the groceries its up to the customer to decide whether toothpaste is a suitable substitute for Philadelphia cheese or kitchen roll for toilet roll. There were no bagels in Asda this morning, or salmon or strawberries. Perhaps Felix has been having a word with them as salmon is not a favourite of his. The children do like to be close by when I am online food shopping as I am much more likely to agree to cherry sodastream when it is a thumbnail picture rather then as an additive filled, vile concoction in all its 3d glory in store. Matt has also cottoned on to this and managed to add a bottle of Talisker and various beers and once I seem to remember, a jar of cavier. Today I also tried out the stores price promise. I scanned an old receipt using the app and received £4.92 off my next shop.  The downside is, I think it has to be used instore, so much for modern technology.

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