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Thank you Felix,Pi and Jay for making the house look so nice downstairs. I didn’t have to worry this morning when I had my meeting that it might be messy. Mornings are so hectic, so to not have cleaning to worry about made my morning much easier. You are all stars.
Annie -mo had her year check up. She weighs 20.8lb which is perfect for her. Developmentally she is bang on target for a 12 month old. The health visitor who did the checks was the one who had done all of Sophie and Jay’s.  It was lovely to see her and catch up and gasp at how quickly time passes. It makes a big difference to have a health visitor you respect and can rely on. We have been very lucky with ours. Annie enjoyed being tickled and cooed over, only looking slightly surprised to be stripped and weighed. It’s reassuring to know everything is going well.

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