World book day

Today is world book day. The children at Sophie’s school were encouraged to come dressed up as a character from a book. I love seeing all the children dressed up in the playground. Some have very elaborate costumes and some just wear their party clothes. It’s great fun guessing who they have come as. Sophie dressed as Sophie from the BFG. It is not a tricky costume. In the book Sophie is pulled out of her bedroom window in the middle of the night by the BFG and whisked off to the land of giants. Throughout the book her main items of attire are pyjamas. So Sophie got to go to school in her pyjamas,much to her joy. She wasn’t so pleased when I still insisted she brush her hair. I overheard her grumbling about it to her friend. “Mama even made me brush my hair”.
“No,” came the incredulous response.
“Yep, so unfair,” Sophie replied in her best hard done voice.
Little did Sophie realise that her sympathetic friend rarely needs to brush her hair as she has it braided in corn rows most of the time. Wonder what she would have to say about that.

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