Back to school

The children returned to school today. Only one more term to go until the summer holidays. This school year is speeding by.
This morning I was worried as  Annie-Mo was still making no improvement. In fact she seemed to be getting worse. Her ears were so sore she couldn’t relax whilst feeding. Our doctors surgery is brilliant and an appointment was immediately booked in for her. Annie is now on a course of antibiotics much to her disgust. Both her white baby grows are splattered with luminous sunshine yellow from her spitting out the medicine. The colour is shocking. Is it a colouring? Surely if it is, it can’t be good to give to children? I don’t like having to give antibiotics and only resort to them when all other remedies have failed. It would be awful if they were full of horrible colouring and sweeteners too. Right now however, all I care about is getting Annie better. Thank goodness we live in a medically advanced age with medicines to fight our children’s ailments.

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